Sunday 9 October 10am – CANTOR

28th Sunday in Ordinary time (C) Year of Luke

2 Kgs 5:14-17, 2 Tm 2:8-13, Lk 17:11-19
Green banner ordinary time

  • Mass setting: Mass Shalom
  • Communio: Aufer a me opprobrium et contemptum, quia mandata tua exquisivi, Domine: nam et testimonia tua meditatio mea est. Remove from me all scorn and contempt, for I have kept your commandments; for your law is the object of my meditation.
  • Hymns: TIS 569 Guide me O though Great Redeemer CWM RHONDA; TIS 134 Praise my soul the king of heaven PRAISE MY SOUL; TIS 502 Soul of my Saviour ANIMA CHRISTI
  • Organ Prelude: Voluntary in ‘g’ minor – Samuel Long (d.1764)
  • Organ Offertorium: Prélude du Quartrieme ton – Jacques Boyvin (1649-1706)
  • Organ Voluntary: Canon in ‘C’ Opus 56 No. 1 – Robert Schumann (1810-1856)

Organist: Bransby Byrne