Past Directors of Music and Organists

pastmusicians_BernardKBernard Kirkpatrick A.mus.A., B.Ec., B.mus(Syd)
Director of Music 1995 – June 2006 ( appointed by parish priest Geoffrey Plant ofm). 

Bernard Kirkpatrick is a well known Sydney organist and choral director, with 30 years experience in liturgical music. He received his early music training in Tasmania from the Sisters of Mercy, and subsequently the Marist Fathers. In 1984 he arrived in Sydney and commenced organ studies with Sydney City Organist, Robert Ampt, later studying organ improvisation with M. Naji Hakim (then Organist Titulaire de Basilique du Sacré Cœur) in Paris. Whilst studying for the Bachelor of Music degree at The University of Sydney, he was University Organ Scholar, and Director of Chapel Music at St. John’s College. Mr. Kirkpatrick has held the post of Organist and Choirmaster at St. Patrick’s Church Hill, and from 1988 – 1999 was the Assistant Organist at St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney, where he also established the St. Mary’s Singers, and directed the Cathedral choir on occasion. Since 1996 he has been Director of Music at St. Francis of Assisi Parish, Paddington in Sydney, where he is responsible for the parish music program consisting of a large SATB Choir, cantors and musicians. His interest in liturgical music includes developing ways of incorporating traditional sacred music styles e.g chant & choral polyphony with the contemporary needs of liturgical practice through a synthesis of form, musical language and instrumentation. He has composed numerous liturgical works including 2 festival Mass settings, Music for Holy Week and the Easter Season, musical arrangements of the Prayer of St. Francis, and the Prayer of St. Ignatius, hymns and psalms. A number of his liturgical compositions have been accepeted for publication by the U.S liturgical music publisher, CanticaNOVA. Bernard has also led workshops for the Royal School of Church Music (Australia) and the Australian Catholic University, and is a member of the Music Advisory Committee of the Archdiocese of Sydney.In December, 2004 he was appointed as a Music Consultant to the National Liturgical Commission of the Australian Catholic Bishops’ Conference. He was also appointed Director of Music at the Seminary of the Good Shepherd. In 2006 he took up his new appointment as Director of Music at St Patrick’s Cathedral Parramatta.


Dr Margaret Beirne RSC BA MA MEd BD DTheol  MACE Director of Music ( 1981- 1994)
Margaret was introduced to the world of music scholarship at the age of 8 when she began to learn the violin. After a few years, at the suggestion of a new music teacher, she switched to piano, completing Grade 6 as part of her matriculation exams. Together with instrumental training, she studied theory of music and musical perception. When receiving the exhibition award for Musical Perception Grade 5 at the Conservatorium of Music, she heard Sir Bernard Heinze tell the assembly that they were “the future musicians of Australia”. However, apart from singing in choirs and the occasional musical comedy, she did not return to music training until the 1990s when she undertook formal vocal studies under Ms Sue Falk.

In 1981, Margaret undertook responsibility for liturgical music at St Francis’ parish Paddington. This included the role of cantor at the 10am Mass each Sunday and organising the music program at this Mass and for major celebrations especially Holy Week and Easter, Christmas and the feast of St Francis. She was supported in this by a small choral group some of whom are choristers in the present parish choir. It was under Margaret that the Catholic Worship book was purchased for the parish in conjunction with Tom Gahan, organist from Waverley church. This continued until 1995 when she finally persuaded the parish priest to employ a professional musician to develop a four-part permanent choir to lead the Sunday liturgy and the major feasts of the liturgical year. On her return from research studies in Israel in late 1995, Margaret was delighted to rejoin the choir as a chorister. 


Christine Moriarty B.Mus. (Hons.); Dip Ed; Diploma in Law (LPAB); Grad. Dip Legal Practice
Organist 1989- 2001

Christine is a graduate in Music and Language (French) from the Elder Conservatorium of Music, University of Adelaide.  She was trained in music by the Sisters of St Joseph in Adelaide and studied at the Conservatorium of Music under the guidance and teaching of Ms Alison Holder. Christine was an organist in Adelaide at various parishes over the years, and at St Francis of Assisi, Paddington, from 1989 – 2001.  She is the current resident organist at St Canice’s Catholic Church, Elizabeth Bay, and the College Organist at St Ignatius’ College, Riverview.

Christine came to Sydney in 1988 and worked with, and in conjunction with Sister Margaret Beirne at St Vincent’s College Potts Point, and at St Francis of Assisi from 1989.  Christine commenced as organist at St Canice’s Catholic Church in March 2001.  Although trained in Law, Christine is now a Senior Teacher at St Ignatius’ College, Riverview, in French and Latin.

pastmusicians_TomGThomas Gahan B.Mus; Dip Ed ; S.T.B.; B.Theol 
 1987-89 (appointed by parish priest Nick Lucas ofm)
Tom began his musical training under piano teacher Mollie McDermott at the Presentation convent, and Arthur Brockington, organist of the Methodist church in Lismore, N.S.W. .
In 1977, under the then bishop of Lismore, John Satterthwaite, Tom commenced his studies of philosophy at St Columba’s College Springwood, and theological studies at St Patrick’s Manly (1978). He was an organist at both colleges, and commenced organ lessons with Robert Ampt at the Sydney Conservatorium of music in his final year of theology.

In 1984 Tom was Director of Music and Organist in Sancta Sophia College in the University of Sydney, where he first met the young Bernard Kirkpatrick who sang in the choir of Sancta Sophia during that year.

He commenced the Bachelor of Music course in 1985. In 1985 he was also appointed organist at Mary Immaculate church Waverley by parish priest Frank O’ Brien ofm. At that time, Tom was also organist and director of music at St Patrick’s Business College, Church Hill.
In 1987 he was appointed organist at St Francis Paddington, under director of music Sr Margaret Beirne R.S.C, and remained in the position until 1989, when he returned to his home town of Lismore. As of 2007, Tom is Religious Education Coordinator- Ministry at St John’s College, Woodlawn.

pastmusicians_TrevorGTrevor Garland A.M. 
Organist 1981- 1987 (appointed by parish priest Nick Lucas ofm)
Trevor trained as an organist under Connie Cloran at St. Brigid’s church Marrickville. A friend of the famous Marcia Hines, it was during Trevor’s tenure that Marcia made a suprise guest appearance as singer and soloist with the choir (much to the delight of the congregation) at midnight mass in 1987.
He took up his appointment as organist at St Patrick’s church Hill in 1990. Trevor also held the post of Consul for the Solomon Islands.

Margaret Lee RSCSr (Nola) Margaret (Mary Raphael) Lee RSC ( b. Nov 29 1932, professed Feb 2 1951, d. August 30 2000)
Director of Music c.1976-77 under Fr Peter Clifford ofm
Her first apppointment was to St Mary’s Commercial College, where she was principal when it moved to Paddington in 1966. It was in 1966 that her long involvement in the parish began- including ethusiastic membership, and eventually leadership of the parish choir. After studying in the United States in 1979, she gained her masters degree in Clinical Pastoral Education and established the Clinical Pastoral education Unit at St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney. Margaret was also ther Congregational Bursar from 1996 of the Sisters of Charity in Australia. 

Dessie Costa

Despina Zaracosta (b.4th March 1915, d. 3rd August 1995)
Nee Macris, known as “Dessie Costa”)
The sister of Sr Eleanor Macris RSC, Dessie played the organ in the parish while Fr Peter Clifford was parish priest. Dessie was immediately preceded as organist by Sr Seraphim RSC. The 1980 refurbishment and re-location of the present pipe organ from the back gallery to the transept was dedicated to Despina during the renovations of the church.

Sr M. Seraphim Flemming RSC (b. 6th February 1876, professed 1898, died 26th July 1974) 
Organist under Fr Celestine Moriarty ofm, Fr Bartholomew Foley ofm, Fr Andrew Wogan ofm, Fr Jerome Woodhouse ofm, Fr Patrick Reynolds ofmFr Stanislaus Menner ofm
(research from the Archives of the Sisters of Charity)

First appointed to Paddingon after her profession, Sr Seraphim spent a total of nearly 60 years at the Paddington convent, arriving to stay at the convent again in 1920 from her position as Ministress at New Norfolk, Tasmania. She was very musical and taught piano, violin and the harp while at the Paddington convent. Until c. 1957 she was an organist of the parish. She spent the last 17 years of her life an invalid after a car accident in front of the church, dying in her 99th year.

Mr John Anthony Joseph Post
Director of Music c.1915 under Fr Solanius McNamara ofm

(mentioned in FREEMAN’S JOURNAL. 1 JULY, 1915; research courtesy of chorister Chantal Celjan)

“An enthusiastic conductor much involved with church choirs and suburban musical societies.  When Mr J.A.J. Post – as he is often referred to – was not conducting, he was a law clerk….The 25th  anniversary of St Francis’ Paddington was celebrated on Sunday, 27 June [1915] , when Solemn High Mass at 11 o’clock was sung by the Rev. Fr. Joyce OFM; the Rev. Fr. Birch OFM being deacon; and, the Rev. Fr. McNamara OFM, sub-deacon.  Special music was rendered by the choir for the occasion, Miss Alice Thompson presiding at the organ.  The conductor, Mr J.A.Post, selected Mozart’s 12th Mass which was rendered exceptionally well by the fine choir, the choruses being a particularly striking feature.”
The baptismal register of the parish notes the baptism (by Fr Bernadine Lawler) of Joseph’s son Noel Schuman Bernadine Post on January 15th 1922- indicating the family was resident in the parish at that time.

Another of Joseph’s sons was the famous Joseph Mozart Post O.B.E. whom both Joseph Anthony and his talented wife Anna (Annie) Teresa (née Schadel) trained as a musician. In 1947 Joseph Mozart began work for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (A.B.C.) as a conductor of the Victorian Symphony Orchestra and Melbourne’s A.B.C. radio chorus . IN 1966 Joseph Mozart Post went on to become the director of the New South Wales State Conservatorium.

Miss Alice Thompson
Organist c. 1911
(mentioned in FREEMAN’S JOURNAL  17 AUGUST, 1911; research courtesy of chorister Chantal Celjan)

Samuel Carlisle Jeffcott
Director of Music prior to 1910 under Fr Stanislaus Joyce ofm 
(mentioned in FREEMAN’S JOURNAL.  17 AUGUST, 1911; research courtesy of chorister Chantal Celjan)

” Memorial to late Samuel Carlisle Jeffcott [d.10 August, 1910].  As a tribute to the memory of the late Mr S.C.Jeffcott, for many years conductor of St Francis’ Choir, Paddington, a large gathering assembled at the Waverley Cemetery on Sunday afternoon to assist at the unveiling of a memorial to thelate esteemed musician.

In the morning a special Mass was offered up at 11am by the Reverend J.S.Joyce OFM, for the repose of his soul.  Mercadante’s Mass in B Flat was rendered by the choir, under the baton of Signor Colletti.  The principal soloists were Misses F. and C.Smith [sops]; Miss K.Carty [cont]; Mr J.Hinchy [ten]; Mr G.Watson and Mr F.Leston [bass].  At the offertory, Mr Hindmarsh Jamieson sang Millard’s ‘Ave Verum’.  Miss Alice Thompson presided at the organ.  At the close of Mass the choir journeyed to Waverley, where the memorial stone was uncovered by Mrs Collins [sister of the deceased], after which the Reverend Father Fisher OFM, delivered a brief address.  A vote of thanks was, on the motion of Mr Leston, passed to the many friends and pupils who had been responsible for the erection of the lasting tribute to his memory etc.

The proceedings were brought to a close by the rendering of Gounod’s ‘Ave Verum‘ by the choir and others.”

Guest Musicians at St Francis

Tommie Andersson (Theorbo/period guitar 2006)
David Barmby (countertenor 2007)
Ed Bastion (double bass 2004, 2006)
Emma Beechey (soprano 2001)
Daniel Beer (bass 2001)
Alice Braden (double-bass)
Eleanor Bruce (soprano 2001)
James Blunt (trumpet)
Anna Bruce (soprano 2001)
Matthew Bruce (Baroque violin 2006)
Tanith Bryce (soprano 2004)
Simon Buchanan (violin – leader – 2004)
Andrew Byrne (theorbo 2009)
Karen Carey (recorder 2009)
Darryl Carthew (trumpet 2006)
Joan Carden AO, OBE (soprano)
Kevin Castillo (trombone 1998)
Chantal Celjan (alto: on leave)
Susan Christie (recorder 2009)
Brielle Clapson (violin 2004)
Jason Clayton (tenor 1999)
Claire Connolly (Baroque violin 2009)
Richard Connolly (composer)
Frank Coe (violin 2007, 2008, 2009)
Jo Constantino (‘cello 2006, 2007)
Ian Coss (bass soloist 1999, 2001-)
Patrick Craig (countertenor 1998 with Voces Sacrae)
Robert Daley (counter-tenor 2001)
Elizabeth Dalton (French Horn)
Peter Dennis (bass 2001)
Aine de Paor (soprano)
Paul Dyer (guest director 2006)
Deidre Elliott (alto soloist 2006)
Kathy Evans (violin 1999)
Helen Everton (soprano, 1998 with Voces Sacrae)
Amelia Farrugia 
Carol Firmstone (violin 2006, 2007, 2009)
Caterina Giuliano (soprano) 
Victoria Grant (bassoon 1999)
Matthew Greco (violin 2005, Baroque violin 2006, 2009)
Dominique Guerbois (violin 1999, 2007)
Ben Gurton (trombone 2006)
Hester Hannah (soprano 2001)
Russell Harcourt (countertenor 2007, 2009)
Tara Hashambhoy (Baroque viola 2009)
Sharon Hatton (horn 1999)
Dorit Herskovits (double bass 2005)
Marcia Hines
Jamie Hey (Baroque ‘cello 2006)

Shuti Huang (violin 2005, leader 2006, 2007, 2009)
Searl Indyk (violin 2006, 2007, 2009)
Helen Johnston (alto 2006)
Thomas Jones (violin 1999, 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009)
Ros Jorgensen (trombone)
Tomaš Kalinčik (bass 2006)
Adrian Keating (violin lead- 1999)
Denis Lee (bass 2007)
Margaret Lindsay (‘cello 1999, 2006, 2007)
Margaret McNamara (violin)
Judy Martin (director, 1998 with Voces Sacrae)
Joy Matthews (soprano) 
Rachel Mayo (‘cello 2005)
Andrew Meisel (double-bass 1999, 2007, 2009)
Leigh Middenway (violin 1999)
Claire Morgan (soprano 2007)
Christina Morris (violin 2006, 2007)
William Ng (tenor 2006)
Elizabeth Nirven (oboe 1999)
Mikaela Oberg ( Baroque flute/recorder 2006)
Monique O’Day (Baroque viola 2006)
Andrew Olleson (countertenor 1998 with Voces Sacrae)
Jamil Osman (countertenor) 
Donna Parkes (trombone 1998)
Kelly Parkes (trumpet 1998)
Peter Parshall (organist, singer 1998 with Voces Sacrae)
Maureen Porteous (violin)
David Pye (trumpet 1998, 2006)
Rosie Quinn (Baroque ‘cello 2009)
Alla Rozumiak (violin 2005, 2006)
Honora Ryan (soprano 2006)
Andrew Russek (violin 2009)
David V. Russell (counter-tenor 2001)
David Salmon (bass 1998 with Voces Sacrae)
Robyn Sarajinsky (violin 1999)
Alex Scholler (‘cello 2004)
Edwin Simpson (tenor 1998 with Voces Sacrae)
Beata Stanowska (violin 2005)
Patrick Suthers (‘cello 2004)
Louisa Thomas (soprano 2001)
Moira Thompson (soprano)
Gillian Turner (soprano) 
Gudrun Turner (oboe 1999)
Giles Underwood (bass 1998 with Voces Sacrae)
Alistaire Wallace (‘cello 2009) 
Derek Ward (countertenor)
Keryn Ward (soprano)
Belinda Webster (horn)
Rachel Westwood (‘cello 2004)
Rachel Whealy (‘cello 2005, 2009)
James Whisker (tenor 2001)
Anna Wicks (soprano, 1998 with Voces Sacrae)
Luke Willard (bass 2006-7)
Veronique Willing (Glorious soprano)
Raff Wilson (tenor)
Anna Louise Wood (soprano, 1998 with Voces Sacrae)
Michael Wyborne(trombone 2006)
Narelle Yeo (soprano 2006)
Anna Zerner (alto 2001)

Past Choir Members of St Francis Paddington 

Catherine Abadie, Tanith Bryce, Maria Campos, Chantal Celjan, Roma Condon (c1978), Rouna Daley, Catherine De Luca, Aine de Paor, Claire Duffy, Seije Duggan, Caterina Giuliano, Clea Jones, Frances Lyle (c1978), Margaret Hilder, Nadine McDonald, Christine McMahon, Claire Morgan, Maryanne Myers, Sr Colleen Noonan R.S.C. (c. 1978-80), Hannah North, Claire Pate,Claudia Roberts, Elizabeth Rosa, Toni Ryan, Anna Saminsky, Marianne Sorenson, Merete Sorenson, Sarah Taylor, Patricia Veness, Veronique Willing, Andra Zakis

Susanne Arenhoevel (ex-Germany), Jenny Bailey, Tiphaine Bienvenue (ex France), Maryanne Doman (nee Ward), Teresa Harper, Mary Julian, Fiona Kanera,  Joy Matthews, + Sr Dr Margaret McGovern (R.I.P.), Dadoune McMahon (ex France), Virginia Frith, Patricia Musto, Susan Nicholson (-2007), John Nolan (2009), Jamil Osman (ex Turkey), Gerard Patterson, Maggie Perrins,Jane Roberts (-2007), David V. Russell, Elizabeth Setiawan (ex Indonesia), Trish Schwager (2009), Rose-Anne Spaccavento -2008), Francesca Urek, Anna Marie White, Laura Wilson (2009), Caro Wallace, Amanda Lim

Guido Bacciagaluppi, Martin Braden, John Brainiff, Jason Clayton (R.I.P.), Francis Dorman, Stanley Friedrich, Peter Hunt, John Kinnear, Lorentz Lossius, Robert Marquez, Didier Massabuau, Dr Ray McCrudden (ex Scotland), Paul O’Shea, Dr Peter McKie, John Nolan, Tim Wotherspoon

Bill Bodkin, François Bienvenue, Vincent Connolly, Justin Davies, Dr Michael Davies, Andrew Dearing (ex Ireland), James Dixon, Brent Egan, Edward Elsom, Dr Tomaš Kalinčik, Michael Sims (ex England), John Sligo, Dr Dimitri Van der Linden, Alastair Wallace, Luke Willard, Paul Dyer


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