Sunday 28 August 10am – CHOIR

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time (C) Year of Luke (First Communion)

Note: during this Mass, a number of children will receive First Holy Communion. This has been reflected in the selection of music to accompany the liturgy. 

Sir 3:17-20, 28-29; Heb 12:18-19, 22-24; Lk 14:1, 7-14 All who exalt themselves will be humbled and all who humble themselves will be exalted

  • Mass setting: Missa Alme Pater (A. Millington)
  • Motets: Ave Verum Corpus* (Edward Elgar); Panis angelicus† (César Franck)
  • Communio: (Gregorian Ps 70:16-18) Domine, memorabor iustitiae tuae solius: Deus, docuisti me a iuventute mea, et usque in senectam et senium, Deus, ne derelinquas me O Lord, be mindful of your justice alone; you have taught me, O God, from my youth; and so, unto old age and grey hairs. O God, forsake me not.
  • Hymns: First Communion Hymn (Connolly); Eat this bread (Taizé), Sweet Sacrament divine DIVINUM MYSTERIUM
  • Organ Prelude: Preludium – Thomas Tomkins‡ (1572-1656)
  • Organ Voluntary: A Ground – Thomas Tomkins‡ (1572-1656)

Organist: Bransby Byrne

‡For the 450th anniversary year of Thomas Tomkins birth

*Ave, verum corpus
natum de Maria Virgine:
vere passum, immolatum
in cruce pro homine:
cuius latus perforatum
unda fluxit sanguine:
esto nobis praegustatum,
in mortis examine.
O dulcis, O pie,
O Jesu Fili Mariae.
Miserere mei. Amen. 

Hail the true body,
born of the Virgin Mary:
You who truly suffered and were sacrificed
on the cross for the sake of man.
From whose pierced flank
flowed water and blood:
Be a foretaste for us
in the trial of death.
O sweet, O merciful,
O Jesus, Son of Mary.
Have mercy on me. Amen.

Panis angelicus
fit panis hominum;
Dat panis cœlicus
figuris terminum:
O res mirabilis!
Manducat Dominum
Pauper, Pauper,
servus et humilis.

The bread of angels
Becomes bread for humankind;
This heavenly bread gives
an end to all forms.
Oh, wonderful fact!
The Lord feeds the poor,
The slave, the lowly.