Wednesday 6 March 7pm – CHOIR

Ash Wednesday 2019: Mass with Distribution of Ashes

Joel 2:12-18; 2 Cor 5:20—6:2; Mt 6:1-6, 16-18

  • Mass setting: Missa Deus Genitor Alme (Gregorian)
  • Motets: Emendemus in melius* (Byrd); Purge me, O Lord** (Tallis)
  • Communio: Qui meditabitur in lege Domini – Who meditates day and night on the law of the Lord
  • Antiphon: (during the distribution of ashes) Immutemur habitu in cinere et cilicio; jejunemus, et ploremus ante Dominum; quia multum misericors est dimittere peccata nostra Deus noster. Let us change our garments to sackcloth and ashes, let us fast and weep before the Lord, that our God, rich in mercy, might forgive us our sins.
  • Hymns: Attende Domine (chant); TIS 591 Forty days and forty nights HEINLEIN
  • Organ Prelude: ‘Liebster Jesu, wir sind hier’ – Johann Walther (1684-1748)
  • Organ Voluntary: ‘O Lamm Gottes unschuldig’ – Johann Pachelbel (1653-1706)

Organist: Bransby Byrne

*Emendemus in melius quae ignoranter peccavimus; 
ne subito praeoccupati die mortis, 
quaeramus spatium poenitentiae, et invenire non possimus. 
Attende, Domine, et miserere; quia peccavimus tibi. 
Adjuva nos, Deus salutaris noster, et propter honorem nominis tui libera nos

Let us amend for the better in those things in which we have sinned through ignorance; 
lest suddenly overtaken by the day of death,
we seek space for repentance, and be not able to find it. 
Hearken, O Lord, and have mercy: for we have sinned against You.
Help us, O God of our salvation, and for the honour of Your name deliver us.

**Purge me, O Lord, from all my sin, 
and save thou me by faith from ill, 
that I may rest and dwell with thee, 
upon thy holy blessed hill. 

And that done, grant that with true heart 
I may without hypocrisy 
affirm the truth, detract no man, 
but do all things with equity.