Sunday 13 May 10am – CANTOR

The Ascension of the Lord (B) Year of Mark

Acts 1:1-11; Eph 1.17-23; Mk 16.15-20 Ascension_of_Our_Lord

  • Mass setting: Mass Shalom (C.D. Smith)
  • Motet: Vergin, tutto amor* (F. Durante)
  • Communio: Signa eos qui in me credunt, haec sequentur… These signs will acompany those who believe: they will cast out demons, and when they lay their hands upon the sick, these will recover. Alleluia!
  • Hymns: Lord enthroned in heavenly splendour BRYN CALFARIA; Hail the day that sees him rise CHISELHURST
  • Organ Prelude: Prologue on ‘Ascension’ – Healey Willan (1880-1964)
  • Organ Offertorium: Petit Offertoire – Cesar Frank (1822-1890)
  • Organ Voluntary: Prelude and Fugue in ‘d’ minor – Clara Schumann (1819-1896)

Organist: Bransby Byrne


*Vergin, tutto amor, o madre di bontade, o madre pia, madre pia,

ascolta, dolce Maria, la voce del peccator.

Il pianto suo ti muova, giungano a te i suoi lamenti,

suo duol, suoi tristi accenti, senti pietoso quel tuo cor.

O madre di bontade, Vergin, tutto amor.

Virgin [Mary], full of love,Oh mother of goodness,Oh mother holy,Hear, sweet Mary,The voice of the sinner.May his weeping move you,May his laments be received by you.Let his sorrow, his sad pleas,Be heard by your merciful heart.Oh mother of goodness,Virgin [Mary], full of love.