Sunday 28 May 10am – CHOIR

The Ascension of the Lord (A) Year of Matthew

Acts 1.1-11; Eph 1.17-23; Lk 24.46-53Ascension_of_Our_Lord

  • Mass setting: Missa Ascendo ad Patrem (Palaestrina)
  • Motet: Caelos ascendit hodie (Charles Villiers Stanford) Today Jesus Christ the king of glory ascends into the heavens 
  • Communio:  Data est mihi omnis potestas in caelo et in terra, alleluia: euntes, docete omnes gentes, baptizantes eos in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti, alleluia. All power has been given to me in heaven and on earth, alleluia; go therefore and teach all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, alleluia.
  • Hymns: TIS 369 Hail the day that sees him rise CHISLEHURST, Lord enthroned in Heavenly Splendour tune BRYN CALFARIA
  • Organ Prelude: Majesty of Christ, L’Ascension 1 – Olivier Messiaen (1908-1992)
  • Organ Offertorium: Fauxbourdon – Antonio de Cabezón (1510-1566)
  • Organ Voluntary: Heut’ triumphiret Gottes Sohn  BWV 630 – Johann Sebastian Bach (1659-1750)

Organist: Bransby Byrne