Sunday 13 November 10am – CANTOR

33rd Sunday in Ordinary time (C) Year of Luke

Mal 3.19-20, 2 Thess 3.7-12, Lk 21.5-19 Your endurance will win you your lifeGreen banner ordinary time

  • Mass setting: Mass Shalom
  • Communio: Amen dico vobis, quidquid orantes petitis, credite quia accipietis, et fiet vobis. Amen I say to you, whatever you ask in your prayers, believe that you shall receive it, and it shall be granted unto you.
  • Hymns: TIS 264 Hark a herald-voice is calling MERTON, TIS 585 I heard the voice of Jesus Say (Kingsfold), TIS 526 Lord Jesus Christ LIVING LORD
  • Organ Prelude: Versi – Domenico Zipoli (1688-1726)
  • Organ Offertorium: Interlude in ‘Bb’ – Graham Elliott
  • Organ Voluntary: Praeludien und Fugen No. 3 in ‘F’ – Vincent Lübeck (1654-1740)

Organist: Bransby Byrne

(Choir visiting Holy Family Parish, Lindfield)